Saturday, June 7th, 2008

Employee recognition caricatures

Recognizing the efforts of employees is something that successful businesses take the time and effort to do.

For many Employers, the challenge of finding something a bit different to recognise staff can be a bit of a challenge.

Caricature King works with several companies and educational institutions to provide an employee recognition caricature each month.

These prove very popular with all staff, not only those who receive the caricature, but their colleagues as well.

Call them “Employee of the Month”, or “Champion of the Month” – if you are looking for a way to recognise employees, a caricature is a great way to do it.

employee rewards caricatures

The feedback from this client says it all….


The reaction we got from the employees was great.  Each one has enjoyed their caricature.  I especially like the detail that is put in to include aspects of their work and personal life.  My favorite so far is the one created for Dot in March!

Lots of laughs all around.  Good fun!


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