Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Caricature wedding invitation

Inviting people to your wedding can be quite a formal exercise. It can be very refined, conservative linen card with silver or gold embossed writing.

However, it can also take on some fun, like this couple have achieved with their caricature wedding invitations.

Note – surnames have been deliberately smudged

wedding invitation caricature

Still refined this caricature by artist Zalo will still look great with silver or gold embossed lettering, but also has the advantage to say “Hey! We are a fun couple and our wedding is going to be great!”

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One Comment on “Caricature wedding invitation”

  1. That invite looks stunning. I agree that you have to add a bit of flare and excitement to your invite. Too many people are opting to keep theirs at a very bland level.

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